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For citizens wanting to report an industrial injury themselves

If you wish to report an accident at work or an occupational disease, you can fill in one of the forms in the link below.
The forms should be completed on the computer, printed and then signed by hand.

Send the signed form to:
Arbejdsmarkedets Erhvervssikring
Sankt Kjelds Plads 11
DK-2100 Copenhagen

About the forms
To ensure that the forms work correctly, you need to use Adobe Reader version 7.0.8 or later to open the forms.

For employers

Businesses and organisations (employers) must report industrial injuries through the  electronic reporting system EASY. 
The system is only available in a Danish language version.

Employers who do not have a computer with internet access or a Danish CVR number can apply for dispensation form digital reporting.

For doctors and dentists

Doctor and dentists do not use EASY, but ESS for "reporting of occupational diseases".
The system is only available in a Danish language version.

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